Highlights of Frankston Australia

    Sometimes pictures speak more than words. Australia is one of the heaven sent place on this earth. As we roamed around , every moment flourished with a magical aroma. Here we go –Heading towards Frankston
Heading towards Frankston, as usual ,without checking the weather updates. And It was the worst weather to go for a long drive. 
First Sight Seeing… Love at First sight
Best company is the Self company
90 Miles beach, Most beautiful stretches of sand, limitless adventure , boating, cruising and fishing at Lakes Entrance
Sand Art and Play
Lunch with Parrots at Enchanted Garden and Maze
World is full of Art ! And We all are here to praise each other’s art
At the end of the trip Buchan Caves opened up to us !
We are full filled !!

Believe me It was the First ever Road Trip in Victoria

Believe me it was the first ever road trip in Victoria
Sayonara !!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Monochromatic.”


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