Reborn with Travel

Last few days I came across through some of the best travelling blogs and had strong urge to write on my own feelings of travelling. I am in love with the quote of James where he writes in his post as  “Where are you going to play this summer?which feels strange in English but in Cantonese , those are the popular words people ask about their travelling plans.” Isn’t it cool ??  Travelling is the most beautiful part of life. Every time we travel , we see one unknown world . The world which we have never imagined , never experienced. It is the boosting escape to our daily routine. For some time, we get detached from our worries, holdings . Every exploring trip gives birth to new thought process. The tiny newly born thoughts which has so tremendous power to detoxify your unstable mind. The ability to get closure to  the nature . Nature which is so large full of purity, happiness and contented . Nature, where you realize you are extremely small part of the world but you are quite lucky to be that part .  Travelling gives us so much treasures which one can’t find in any shops, books . You have to actually go through that process. Passionate, active company with same tuning makes travelling more interesting. Romance is not always in between the  two people it lies in the beautiful places waterfall.

Don’t tell me how popular the destination is , tell me how fulfilled you are by that place .

My first travelling experience started  alone with  lots of fear , anxiety, indeterminate, undecided state of mind  but returned back with a heart full of joyous memories. If you are alone while travelling you explore each and every moment . Nothing can be taken granted. Two body organs had to be on their highest level of role one is your brain and opened eyes. We don’t believe our inner power unless we didn’t open that specific door.  Freedom of open road, puzzling routes allows your skills to sharpen more and more. No matter if you missed the google map , rerouting is a rule of life. The best part for the shying persons like me is you become more  talkative . Talk to the people even if opinions varies but still you will have ample of data to choose from that.

And Most important part is you realize , you are not alone on your road. Not with all the knowledge. Where your ego has no space   . I can say Travelling is like a meditation. Meditation calms down our inner ego and overconfidence same what happens in Travelling. Self interaction and realization makes you more productive and creative .

As Famous essayist T.S. Eliot quotes ”  Journey not the arrival matters ” . So Taste different dishes, read something sensational in your journey, shoot candid snapshots, capture funny rare moments , fill your heart with kindness, pray your idol without asking anything, take off all your hates, selfishness , hatred of pain, memories which brings you down in the life . Be courageous to go ahead leaving all these behind.

A couple of days back i watched  one National Awarded Marathi movie “Killa” .  What a masterpiece movie it was !!!!  It will make those of you nostalgic who have same childhood memories. The focused character “Chinmay” a teenager boy’s state of mind with frequent travelling and changing the places. Although its completely different, disturbing, travelling aspect apart from my blog but movie teaches what to take from each destinations. Different Places will always swing your mood. But our good attitude can overcome all the pains and sufferings. Why do i have to mention the reference of the movie here is the surroundings, nature plays very important role to our behavior. Changing emotions is directly proportional to  variations in the nature. Varying states of ocean, rain, Konkan greenery , and persons in that region touches deeply to every frequent traveler .

Journey is never ending process. With each new destination you start from zero . I believe one should start to travel from very small places , explore big treasures and without any fail don’t forget to write down in your diary. That is how my travelling idea is.

Start with a new hope . I am sure every travel will surprise you with a new ray of hope. Its damn sure that this world is quite dazzling with the bright rainbows everywhere. chinese-garden-300x300

As said by someone , I would also like to appreciate any words of wisdom, experience, inspiration or suggestion you have for me to enhance my voice to reach to each one of you . Happy Travelling !!!!

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